Data digitally collected by the interactive research pod can be viewed by researchers remotely, and on-demand

We are undertaking three different experiments with the research pod to investigate whether the design of exhibits increases creativity and innovation in science learning. As well as a physical building challenge, we are now developing a digital version of the physical building challenge, and a version that will be a blend of physical and digital activities to see if the physical or digital setting affects creativity and innovation.

The three different experiments will be examined in three different contexts to see whether there is a change in levels of creativity and innovation between:

  1.  people working on their own, unable to see others’ work but who will be performing a similar task at an adjacent user station but separated by opaque partitions,
  2. people working by themselves but able to see each other’s constructions but not necessarily interact with them due to transparent partitions , and
  3. people working together to make a construction collaboratively across the user stations with no partitions.

The researchers will conduct their investigations by examining the digital data footage collected. We will establish coding criteria for the analysis of levels of creativity and innovation in user activity.  We’ll share the results here!